Tuesday, September 30, 2008


wat a boring life!!!! dono wat to do. erm.... raya break now! cant go anywhere somehow always stay at home! haiz, some more get my assignment jor, need to gam bateh jor... try to do harder! ops...t. not try anyway... is must to do well !! if not i will less mark then finial exam... jux prepare 2 die oni! T.T  how can i bcome a clever n useful guy! erm! so susah leh, wanna b the most int person in the world! haha, i dream oni lah! haha cos late nite now ... 1am jor! wakakka ok lah ... good note every1... muack! hehe ^.^Y

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

scary~~~ Malaysian Studies

haiz~ every tues and thurs also got nite class... tht is non-sub! Malaysian Studies also known as sejarah loh~ wat a boring sub~ !!! wat i hated most cos of very noisy in the class loh! tht lecturer also very'geng' u know! he teach us like driving 'rocket'~ fast like 'hell'~ so difficult to get what he said. erm~ he look like quite ' cincai' actually, if im fail then how~ scare scare loh~  >.<

Sunday, September 21, 2008

回到家了 ¥.¥


Thursday, September 18, 2008


我的手提电脑终于得救了。但是,我的坏习惯又再迟出现咯。贪心到要死,因该改一改。哈哈,Mr. Foong救活了我的手提电脑,我就跟他说要改去window ultimate,觉得自己还蛮贪心和没礼貌。 真希望他不会介意就好。明天一大早就要去吉隆坡了。有些开心也有些伤心,应为又要打出血了。希望不会那么离谱就好。

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


haiz.. i get my latop now . erm... quite a LONG time hv no blogging. heheh for sure im lazy lah. but now im using window vista... totally dono how 2 type in chinese~ really losser! haiz.. my 2nd semester start jor... erm... quite stress actually. Y leh, cos of im poor in english ~ the worst in class ... cham ~ really dono wat to do. in my class all also clever 1~ except me~ i also scare on my miss, cos im worry talk 2 her! jux dono y  if im using eng speak to frenz still ok .. but to my miss will lag then. So MALU loh... she also said tht im poor in english jor ... need to read n write more... wat can i do, im not a secondary student anymore! hv no more teacher ask me write essay or read any passage~ if im will keeping this poor level of my english.. how could i finish my certificate! even dun think bout HND! haiz... dono y i hv a feel dun like face my miss~ erm... not dun like is quite hated actually~ once i saw her i hv no feel 2 study ~  cham loh~ now oni 2nd semester ... how could i finish it ! Once i saw her i jux tell me self i wan try my best ... learn from her... any i study for myself n not for her oni! haiz~ really headache ~ y like tht want~ 2moro hving malaysiab studies(history) boring.. also need 2 study untill late nite~ so stress! >.<>