Saturday, December 12, 2009

I love you

What a long time do not update to my blog here. An unhappy thing been happen to me again. My heart is deeply hurt by some one. The one who i love is a very nice guy, he is very caring and lovely. I do to Love him very much, but 2009 Dec 10, he sms to me and told me that 'can we be a good friend.' I knew him from internet with Tagged webpage. I still remember first day we know each other, if i am not mistaken it was nearby end of Jun 2009. Firstly, we do msn every day and i am very lucky that he will be back to home town too. He ask me from msn, would you like to meet me as well. I was like so exciting and answer to him, ya sure. He is looking cute from msn's cam. Once we meet, it was like super different from cam there. And he is very handsome for me.

We are started attach. He is caring enough. But he did ask me for a question, erm... is that we are attach too fast and rush? i told him, No! It's not, i do to love you. No matter the condition is going to be tough, i will still be your side. I am REALLY love you. I even told him when we are argue, argue mean to something happen. If problem occur between of us, we need to solve it as well. Because we are a couple, nothing can break our relationship.

Dec 10th 2009, he was send me a message. It's mean to asking me to be friend with him. I was crying on that day, why would it going to be. He is scold me before, he said i am very hot temper and super emotion. I am just thinking, because of i am loving you and caring you only will worry until angry. Am i really love to being that, IT'S NOT. 11th Dec 2009, he came to look for me, and bring some calender to me. It's from Genting. I bring him back to my bed room and siting face to face with him. I am shock because of he is Crying in front of me. I though he is still loving me. And who know, he told me he had a new boy friend out side. I am keep asking, does him working in Genting too? he said yes. I am continue asking, how long you both been together. He answer, just few day.

I am just wonder WHY?? I with him been 5 months, and i will lose to a guy who just knew few days??? The much hurt i get after knew that. But, i am still very love you Xyven.

I can't found any point for myself to stay alive. If i choose for the 'Last Choice' and i will not be here. I do hope to donate out all my organ for others. My wallet there got a Organ Donate card, wish you all let my mum know if i am not here and respect to my idea. I love you friends. I am really love you all very much.