Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Complicated mood and feel

24th June 2009, i am really never thought will happen and become this condition. I will able stop my study and find a job now if possible will out of my home and stay out side. Might this is my fate, i wish to cry, but my eyedrop or tears non-stop kind coming out. Just wish to all my friends who are reading my blog of today, i might not online as frequence as before. My last spoke to my familly, i wont care u all anymore~ and my mum last spoke leave out from this familly, even i am die also out of here. OK fine, i will try my best make you all wish possibility. My mind is empty now, i don't know what to do, and don't where to stay even what kind of job i will to be it. But i swear, i will survive with all of this difficulty. I don't want to lose~ farewell friends.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

erm... weird------>.<

What a bad day for me today, in Keris there have a lecturer that we are usually call her Miss Teh. She was look like quite emotion one loh~ always easy get angry and she can make a joke after on. Today she was asking all of us read and follow from the book and one by one. After my turn, she is asking IS THAT HE (ME) IS SPEAKING AND READING AS A MASALEH..... i am just surprice she asking this kind of question and answer Miss Teh, am i sound like them ONLY. She was like get mad and said WHO said you are sound like masaleh, just have a little bit same only. erm.... she was weird totally~ wanna praise some one but on the time she was like STEP some one also~>.< i am not that mean i wanna she praise on me, just the way she is communication to me really weird, dun you feel so ?? lolx Weird lecturer or teacher i see alot, but this kind of showing off and emotional person i am just second time meet! 1st time in olympia who with name Peter~ lol~