Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day in 2010

Been a long time din't come here and post any mood. Too bad, i am fall for sick today (31 Dec 2010), Can't clubbing or countdown with all my buddies. I am finish my Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management in Keris College, it's not just 2 years, i had study in Olympia College for half year before as well. But that is for Certificate which i din't finish and hoop over Keris College, i am Happy when i was in Olympia College, i really learn a lot from there, i am glad to had 2 great lecturer to teach us, Ms Nurainie and Mr. Azfar. My great buddies, Fiona, Patricia, Ju dee, Rooney, Alfred, and etc. They all always help me while i am in any trouble, they never said NO to me, and Never said tired to teach me as well.

Actually, i hope to write more, just my flu keep trouble me, been 3 days still with me ~ So that, i have no choice to sleep early ya XD, I am here to Wish all my friends that having a Happy New Yeah and coming Chinese New Year. Wish all my buddies have a wonderful and memorable training moment, If you guys feel stress and sad in training, do not forget that i am always beside you all. I will always willing to be your great Listener. Love you guys.