Monday, March 14, 2011

4th weeks in kitchen

Time flies~ i am already in Traders Hotel for 4 weeks, 1st week i was in Asian kitchen, the busy kitchen which mixed with thai kitchen and western kitchen. 2nd week i was in Noddle kitchen/ Noodle show kitchen, which is in the dining side. Guests can request some of the noodle from me and i will direct cook to them. third week will be in FULL Orientation again, but learn a lot in it~ like how to be honest in work, how to treat guests nicely and how to set their mind to comeback again. And its true, i saw a lot of guests come back over n over, not only Malaysian and also some of the foreigner, especially those business man or we address they all as 'Road Warrior'. 4th weeks onward until end of March, i will being assign to pastry kitchen. Today is my first day in this kitchen~ and my colleague start teaching me how to make cheesecake with their recipe~ and honestly, not that delicious, might be not sweet enough or aroma i think. Because their recipe was like using whole egg but mine one is separated egg white and yolk. And i have to add in meringue which is the cake will be nicer in texture and less eggs smell in without adding any vanilla essence. Anyway, a good try over there. start to learn learn learn & learn.