Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3rd day in JWM

Once people heard of JWM, surely will think of Grand, Luxuries or high quality standard. But it's not, especially the kitchen, its dirty and very very dirty that i can describe. A table clothes can clean almost everything, including the plate that use to serve guest. Tiring of work, no proper communication, no briefing, no meeting, argue all around, Chef De Cuisine (Chef De parties) can keep mustache. Handling ready to eat food without glove, one Chopping board use for process all types of meat, no matter sea food, game bird, ready to eat food or RAW food. I have no choice to training in it for 3 months, but what i had learn from THKL, i will always keep it in my mind~ :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

4th weeks in kitchen

Time flies~ i am already in Traders Hotel for 4 weeks, 1st week i was in Asian kitchen, the busy kitchen which mixed with thai kitchen and western kitchen. 2nd week i was in Noddle kitchen/ Noodle show kitchen, which is in the dining side. Guests can request some of the noodle from me and i will direct cook to them. third week will be in FULL Orientation again, but learn a lot in it~ like how to be honest in work, how to treat guests nicely and how to set their mind to comeback again. And its true, i saw a lot of guests come back over n over, not only Malaysian and also some of the foreigner, especially those business man or we address they all as 'Road Warrior'. 4th weeks onward until end of March, i will being assign to pastry kitchen. Today is my first day in this kitchen~ and my colleague start teaching me how to make cheesecake with their recipe~ and honestly, not that delicious, might be not sweet enough or aroma i think. Because their recipe was like using whole egg but mine one is separated egg white and yolk. And i have to add in meringue which is the cake will be nicer in texture and less eggs smell in without adding any vanilla essence. Anyway, a good try over there. start to learn learn learn & learn.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Today is 5th days in T****** Hotel, and now i know this hotel mainly target to business guests. So, for sure the guests also wont be fussy in food taste or giving any comments. But, food poisoning will still happen all the time here... haha~ Just not that happy working in Kitchen department~ i cant learn much and i cant help them at all. Hopefully my days pass faster and i will be look for another better hotel for training.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Boring at Home

Fiona and Judee been Training in Penang for several days already, I think nearly a week already. But my training stuff like still silent there, feeling like my training matter been falling under deep sea, no one knows.
And this couples weeks, i was like boring until don't know what to do~ after Ms Nurainie heading to KL, i am much boring at home, Sleep, Eat, FB and Sleep again. Oh my oh my, my dear Keris college admin, try to help me ask for the infor la~ no matter i can go for training, just ask ~ if you Keric College hire you back just for Sit MEH~ haiz~...