Monday, April 6, 2009

What a Angry DAY....>.<

Sorry for i am Lazy to blogging ya. Haiz, after i went to.... erm... consider transfer to Keris College, my colorful life turning to dark ~ now going to Black some more. It was definitely to making me angry in this afternoon, am i childish or am i lowing EQ. I don't know at all, so i need you all help Fiona, Judee and Patricia. Try to tell me the true and let me change my bad habit. So, let start my story, yesterday nite ~ a Keris College student who added me in his msn. It is ok for me ~ than he is a gay. Still acceptale for me, but after we are chatting and knew that he is a PLAY BOY. Still ok for me u know... but honest i am telling him that i am dislike play boy as my friend. I told him i will Feel GELI. Then he said that i am so action in talking(typing in msn) the way i am. Ok, fine! I am trying to controling my temper, but honestly if he is not from Keris College i swear that been block + delete him damn million years ago. I have not to do that jus because of he and i are from Keris College now, Surely will meet up or see each other one day. So, i jus trying to prevent the bad condition happen (face kacau kacau or in cantonese is min zo zo). Soon, im Started to humber to him, i mean the way im chating, jus let him scold also smile with it. WHO KNOW, HE SAID IM WASTED HIS TIME AND FOOLING HIM. It was definitely BULL SHIT you know, how i am wastes his time right, some more how can i fooling him? Did you all feel that i am fooling him too ?? Then, he said im like wanna all people knew he is chating with me. Oh my god, i want all people knew for what, if you are a Jesus that might be let my friends know i think. He was like 'gek sei' me in this afternoon~ haiz~ i have to cut my hair now lah, olympia lovely frenz and pls comment bout me ok~ thx ya !! miss u all~


小月 said...

So glad that my name is in ur blog! Haha...And i miss you too!
Back to the topic, i think nowadays, there is majority of ppl can't accept honest fren, they would like you to follow their tunes, say YES to whatever they've done...So, that's why u kena tembak from ur gay & playboy fren/enemy.
I dun think that HONESTY is an offence. Seriously, i always tell straight to my frenz, and i would like them to tell true!
We always support you geh! "Add Oil"!

Nic said...

HEHE, at last i get the answer, and im still NORMAL here~ luckily~ hoho

Fiona said...

that friend of yours is so weird. he added you and said you were wasting his time? ask him what his problem is then maybe you can talk to him easier in future. haha... so many kinds of people in the world and you get to meet every single type each day. life is beautiful enough that way, don't you think?

p/s: we miss you too!

小月 said...

Oh ya, Nic, ur RM25 is still with me leh!
Ya, strongly agree with Fiona, we meet different type of ppl everyday, we shall not aspect them that they are perfect...let's take an example---Peter!! What a smoky guy...but maybe he thinks himself is very.."yeng"(型),but for us, we think that his psycho got problem. Maybe ur friend/enemy is over self-confident gua, so he thinks he is qualified to be a playboy.Like what i said, he is the kind who likes ppl to follow his tune.Once u ignore him, then he will try to do something that make u feel hurt or angry, like now.
Just act nothing, don't fall into his trap! =)