Monday, May 4, 2009

holiday = bored ????

During assignment time, i am always hope that can get a break time(break at least few days) but during exam time or nearby Exam, i will just hope that try to stop for the examination or else just start for the holiday. And now i am during this holidays, i am like feel soulless and hollow or void of my body. Erm..... Since i am really fat a lot, also plan for jogging to keeping my self fit. So far, in this week of holiday i had never do that. I just don't know what suppose to do. I wish to go Pangkok, Jungle, any Cave.. cave... erm... also hope can join any pastry or cookery classes. At least it will help me to SPENT my time. Actually im a person that like to be bored, i think consider as usual or use to be bored. So unexpected that i am nott weird any more, i felt that boring at home and wish can get something to do, something that are meaningful and helpfull too. I wish to travel, but no money >.<, so what should i do, now are left two more weeks, even i am asking for part time also can not get those job so sudden. haiz...... so bad ....... i dun like holiday any more ! T.T

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小月 said...

Now, i wish to have 3 weeks holiday like you la,so i can do whatever i want, but i only have 1 week holiday...
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