Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bad luck

Today is my second day working in 5G, once the shop is open then i 'kena' shoot by an uncle. He ask me about spliter. Because i am new there, so that once i cant find out just simply told him and say NO. Then he was like unpatient to answer me, hey did you know what is spliter mean wo. I was so confuse to answer him, i dono. Luckily i remember back that was a small plug use for separate between internet and phone cable and shut his mouth off. Next, he gona choose a router and told me that he want the SMC brand want. I was like so naturally take out one if it from the shelve. Who know the box i take out only with cable but no router. The router was display at others side. >.< so malu and make my colleague scold by him.

Today i bought 3 pair of contact lenses. It's Hard to put in, and i am wonder how could i take it out too.

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Fiona said...

Very nice blog layout you have=)