Friday, June 18, 2010

Because of Money

I am very sad today. Friday should be a nice and joyful day for students, it's because of the coming Saturday is holiday what. But, i am so 'damn' sad today. Story is start from when i was heading to Ipoh.
Around 2.30pm, my mom deal with me that, she will give me RM50 for renew license. Actually renew for my driving and motor license for 2 years need RM60 + RM10 for photo taking. Because of i think to renew at Ipoh JPJ there. So that, the license will be with photo. But my mom ask me to renew at post office, and it's easier for me. Did you guys know that, i am super forgetful and lost my stuff very easy. That's why i reject my mom's idea, because of it's need me to keep 2 card.
Then, it's fine. I don't want to argue too much, RM50 better than nothing, right? I just spend my own RM20, consider as ok and fair what. That's my own license, suppose i have to pay for it. But, where could i get the money? What i have to say, that is "Mother, you just give me RM60 a week, what did you or how did you want me to do? i have class from Monday to Friday, everyday by bus have to spent RM4.50 for both journey as well. RM22.50 been spent out for this 5 days already, and i still take my lunch in college, i don't want to spend much on it~ just count that as RM5 per day, RM25 goes offed already.
RM47.50 already spent on it~ so that i just left RM12.50 now, i still have to reload my handphone, to get my stationary, tea with friends(optional-usually just RM1). I really have nothing much to left right now. Some more, my shoes is broken, have to get a new one for school. You though i am God is it?
You promised me that will sponsor me that RM30 to get a new shoes. OK, once my mom give me the RM50, n i ask for where is the RM30 with joking condition. And she was like 'end of the world' condition answer me~ "wah, i give you RM50 still ask for RM30 ar" Mom, if i have sufficient of money, surely will never ask from you. Some more i am still a student here. Fine, i get my part time job already, although it's not that high in wages. But i think still ok.
You son, my brother just only form 1 and who NEVER study as well, you blame to the school, and said those teachers who are no responsibility to take care of students which is in bad results class. Did you ever ask your son, does him really study in school, and does him ever pay attention in the class. Once he say wanna transfer to 'Pei Yuan Private School' my parents were 100% support and registered on the spot. They charge my mom for middle add in RM200, textbooks RM200+, registration fees RM300+ and so on... Then you knew that your son is DON'T want to study kind of person, why still spent him in it. And now come to me, said i am keep on wasted you money. HEY, i am pay my fees by LOAN ok. What i want, i have to double even trible hardwork to get my stuff. My brother just simply spoke out then get it. For me, IT IS UNFAIR. Your Daughter, wanna go to Saraawak travel, and didn't pay you the astro fee, you act kind front of people and said "it's fine and be happy there."
Did you ever care of my feeling, your lovely husband, when i was form 2 already told me, when you get to work, pay me RM800 monthly and i am no need to work any more. Now even worse, ask me about, will you care me or not if i am OLD, and no 1 want me to work with? Sorry, i might reject your request! Some people say, they are still your parents and i have to take care on it. In this 21 years, when did i really happy? Only money will talk to me, i knew that you both wont spent on my, i keep on silent, and can't get what i want then during work and work hard to get it. Now, you scold me, said i am too much and keep on count with you, always ask you for money. Fine, the time for me to work out of this state, i will never come back! If you wanna say that i am COLD BLOOD, it's all about you both done to me! Is you both TEACH me everything. I tell you that i am gay, you both and daughter LAUGH at me~ fine. Everything you did to me, i will just forget about it. About this family, i can only say "Forget About It" too. My heart was so damn tired in this 21 years. I wan to rest and i have to rest now. I promised to my self, i can't cried any more. I have to USED my own Hand to make a NEW life. I want to survive. I do not want to be lose. I don't wan a money minded family.

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