Friday, January 16, 2009

erm... sad~~

haiz... actually im very enjoy in my college life! 
Because of Judee, Patricial, Fiona, Bih Tong and Dixion.
They all giving me a wonderful and memorable's memories!
No matter in entertainment, joke, play, meeting, lunch+ing, 
study, or chatering to Ham Sap topic, they will only very 
welcoming me to join with and share togather. But, once 
my frenz"bih tong" mention about Keris, my soul like giving 
something to break it. Why i will say so? The most important thing
is 'finance' problem. I am really hate to heard my dad and mum talk in phone 
with quarer kind. Anything also realated to $$$$ and because of it  
to make them in 'Cold War' condition. All of the topic my parents discuss
sure because of my study fees. Or else, ask my mum dun spents so much
try to save so!!! As our economic knowledge~ can we still save money in this nowaday!The answer is IMPOSSIBLE ok!! That is why im look forKeris college. Regardless of facilities, equipments, lecturers, class room, gym room and so so so on! Just 
anything also better in Olympia College! Except the very caring
and knowledgeble lecturer 'Miss Nurainie Tan'. i do not wish to go
just because of i hv no choice and don't wanna giving any shoulder
to my parents. I am definitely can not using any desscriptive adjective to descrip
myself. I am really empty in my brain and thinkless now!
What conclusion i might to do and should do~


小月 said...

What a sad post...Ya...saya pun tak sampai hati kalau u & bih tong leave Olympia, we share many sweet & happy memories. I also hope u guys dun leave us lor...but anywhere...i will support u all whatever decision u all make.

Ham Sap Zai said...

^^ thx ya small moon!!

Fiona said...

sigh...i will also support you although i will keep sighing away.. may the good Lord be by your side all the time blessing you and taking care of you while you are on your own in Keris..take care!!

Ju Dee said...

sad la now only i know u do update your blog.... nick don leave la =(