Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Day in Olympia College (22/01/2009 2030)

I am very happy today, although i have to leave. It is really a memorable last day in Olympia. Because of all of my buddy are giving me a good wishing. They all are always accompany me and giving they helping hand. They told me, if they have free will go to keris there and annd have lunch with me. Here can prove that, how good friends we are since only pass 2 semester. I am a noob person. Erm... consider as a innocent person i think. I love every off my friends, and treat them as good as my familly member loh. I am using my truely heart and pureness heart to treat them. That's why i can get the Believe from them. I belief, once i am out to work, i wont get any best friends or good friends anymore. As i know, in working condition, will only see 'War' in happening. My friends are calling me back now!!!! okie~ i have stop here now.... 2043!! i miss you and love u all my friends!! 


Ju Dee said...

no is not last =( and now u making me think twice... mummy ask me to leave la ish ish ish

Nic said...

u dun listen to any 1
n jus follow wat u wan then ok~
u are the 1 can build up yr future.