Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am a perceptual and a emotion enrich person. When i was small erm... around 3 years oldi think. I am already having my own thinking and started to think what im wanna do to get completed.Just because of this case to make me under a 'bad condition'( think watever stuff always )It was hurt actually(feel from my body to my soul)and case me insomnia and start lie down on my bed at 10pm.... and it would be falling sleep at 12am and later, once im close my eyes, my brain will automatic functioning will try on remember what i had done well and failure or else to be defeated. What a nightmare for me right!! Then, when i was primary 4th  my teacher always asking us to read more newspaper  to get improve our Chinese(mandarine)(im in Chinese school when i was in primary school) and im still remember i am always read Guang Ming newspaper.(光明日报) Especially during every Wednesday, if im not mistaken there will add in a medic article. It was great u know, from there i was learn a lot of relaxing skill. In addition, i like to learn those stuff i think. haha.. But, all skills i learn before definitely can't help me at all, and once i close my eyes going 2 started think think and think... haiz... i read an article before, it was about dream and why a boy will get ' horny ' after wake up. It is usual actually, and why we will dreaming huh?? i believe that eveyone will dream right, but no one will ask  why will it happen. haha!!  So, let me explain to you all and why dreaming will happen to us. Erm... i try to use an easy way to explain lah, human same as a computer actually, when we are sleeping equal to a computer setting sleeping mode or hibernate mode. Between, a computer been set in sleep mode, but it is not off right,  and it is can be still functioning like ours brain. When a human or animal is sleeping, they will turn in two way, first one is turning in real sleep mode, sleeping while brain controling our lung keep breathing in and out also keep our hearth pumping. During this condition, as i mention just now too, brain was still functioning, if before a human or animal sleep are worry so much and keep a lot of worries, it will automatic effect our brain to 'recall' what we been worry bout the worries... and our brain will draw support from our memory there. Brain consider as a super complex thing lah, in memory part also can be seperate in few part again!! So, the words A B C we remember will store in deep memory state, and what we see and read's story book only in upper memory state. It is easy forget right. So, the 3rd part of memory system is like a button once we get from a extremely stimulate, the buttom will delete all memory. Therefore, the naughty brain will depend ours mind to go through and search  for the memory we are worry, at the same time it will bring out the image we been seen too.  Now, is the 2nd way to sleep. It is only animal can do so. During winter time, few or less of that aniamal will eat a lot of food, and storing their glucose in their body to prevent lack of nutrien in their body. But, the way they slept now same as the human way, because of they can be  in dead mode, and once they body can feel the worm from sunlight, their hearth only started pumping again!! Cool Right. haha. Okie lah, i don't know what i suppose to blog today, im just simply type and type ya... somemore the worse is out of topic already... haha... I will try on and depend on what i know, and share toagather with u all!!  ^^ tired now... hoho... byebye ya !!

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