Friday, February 6, 2009

Culinary Theory class ^^ (in Keris)

Culinary is mean kitchen or cook. It is study about the equipment, utensil or any small item in kitchen. Because of this is theory class, all just base on talk, talk and talk. But it is not boring at all, because of mostly 60% same as Olympia's Food studies sub. Dixon, Tong and I was proud in this sub, althought we are not fully paying attention on Mis Nurainie class before, we still can answer well in keris, almost 80%. HAHA, mis nurainie, we did it. We were study about the FOOD yesterday. The question is, why we need to cook the food. Cooking method having many type in our life, and we are saperate it into 2 classes, that is moist heat method and dry heat method. All of this also 'SUP SUP SUI' to us. But, once i get all my assignment, will stop blogging unless i finish it lah. Because im lazy mah. 


Ju Dee said...

hahahhah 'sup sup sui' wo lol that last statement sounded like wat i said to u
u u u copy cat!!!! lol btw welcome to insomnia world nic =)

Fiona said...

haha. yeah, i am planning to start HND sooner so at least miss can teach me for another one or two subjects before she leaves. i can also take less subjects in other sems so not so hectic.

Nic said...