Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a fantastic day today!!

At olympia there, always can feel the pressure giving by our lecturer or examination. Then, after i go to Keris, i though local College, with local Certificate, sure learn local stuff isn't it? HAHA, but it is actually no, i found few of their lecturer also quite knowledgable, can compare with Mis Nurainie too. I like the way Mis Nurainie speaking and also they way she transfer her knowledge to us. This kind of skill that i cant found from Keris College ya!! Today, i found that a lot of pronunciation of F&B term that Mis Nurainie can't pronounce well, example like 'ambience' we read as 'm b en' and the real pronunciation is 'm b on' that is Mr. Azfar pronounce before at our front office class(1st time at M01 there) if you have atten the class also pay attention on that day. Except about that, i still got found a lot of other and funny pronunciation too. He is my F&B operation lecturer and he know a lot of french and italy language. It was so fun there, but i have no interesting at all. I love my friends at Olympia there, Fiona, Patricia, Judee, Kevin, Miki Yamamoto, Radin, Alfrad and Mis Nurainie Tan. Without you all, my life turning black and white again. Miss u all so much ya! muack~ Before i go, i explain why i am puting Fantastic as my title, because of the F&B lecturer very funny actually, after study 1 or 2 pages, he will started to asking question, recall out memory! Example, "what is liquor actaully" and keep said answer FAST FAST FAST. Once we answer him, he will giving us reward that a WORD 'FANTASTIC', fun right. Haha, ok lah, i have to stop here ya~ nite


Fiona said...

we are missing you heaps too!! good to hear that you are enjoying your lessons there. all the best!

Nurainie said...

see!...see!...lucky you didn't apply for exemptions!