Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Keris College ~ * B+O+R+E+D*

Today is Wednesday 04 Feb 2009! In this half a year, i felt that been influen a sickness by Judee!! I get insomnia already! Yesterday night, after chating in msn then i plan to sleep at 12am. But i cant fall in sleep, and i have no choice to woke up again at 2am. Then i go to kitchen there, and make a glass milo. I am worry i will be fat, if take too much sweet thing before seep, just have no choice to make my Milo less sweet! After that Milo, if i have not mistaken, i am only can fall in sleep at 3am. Soon, 7a.m. later, my handphone alarm are ringing, haiz~ i jus been sleep for few hours only and wanna wake up to College!
Today is second days i am in Keris College! Today class is English and Social skill. I am exciting to learn this ENGLISH you know, because of before we are in Olympia College always under a pressure to enter the class. Why i wanna said so, because of i know that i have a very poor english level. Sometime will worry too, is that i can follow fiona pattricia or Ju dee they all. But, Today english class really ~!@#$$%, once i am enter the class i cant see any lecturer there, (actually i am late enter class) and after  5 to 10 minute only saw him rushing to enter our class. What a poor and bad impression to US(me bih tong and dixion) lol. I was jus relax there, after that, he giving us some paper to do some execrise loh, Who know he giving us fill in the blank with ' am is are' this kind u know. I am really gona faint there. Haha, but the worse is, i saw a guy there look like rooney, he was always show off there, think he is always the best that kind, EVEN rooney also better than him sometime, and tht FELLA fatter than rooney. WHAT a monster, Why lah i am hated fat guys so much.... i dono too haha~ ok lah, have to sleep now~ will be continue ya ~ hehe~


Fiona said...

哈哈。。真的很好笑!!miss nurainie should give us simple exercises too!

小月 said...

ya lor...ur class was very funny. I could imagine the reaction that u had when the lecturer gave u that English paper.

Ju Dee said...

haahha i also wanna say something nic my darling i miss u ady
and and and really funny la
hahahha i agree with fiona miss should give us those simple exercise too

Nic said...

impossible lah, i miss olympia's exercises wei~ althought hard to do, at least can improving me wat~ lol.